PRIVACY POLICY Nha Trang City Tour ( "our NTCT", "us", "our" ) is an online service that provides users ("you") with suggestions for hotels, resorts, Accommodation, vacations, travel packages, travel guides, flights, vacation rentals and more. Our website, mobile features and related applications (collectively called "Electronic information" We are part of Nha Trang City Tour , owned and operated by Nha Trang Travel . By accessing our website and using our services, you acknowledge that you have read and understand this Privacy Policy, the principles for collecting and processing information presented. Inside. The Privacy Policy was last updated on January 1, 2017 . We may change this Policy at different times, so please check regularly to understand all updates. RANGE This Privacy Policy describes our policies and guidelines in detail regarding the collection, use and disclosure of information about you. We understand that providing online information requires a lot of trust from you. We take this belief very seriously and give high priority to the security and confidentiality of the personal information you provide us when you visit the Site or use the our services. What information we collect from you How we use your information Who we share your information with How long do we keep your information? Your rights and choices for collecting and using your information How we protect your information Children's privacy External links International communication Changes to this Privacy Policy How can you contact us WE COLLECT WHAT INFORMATION FROM YOU? GENERAL INFORMATION . We receive and store any information you enter into our Website or otherwise provide us. This information includes information that can be used to identify you as an individual or to contact you directly ( "personal information" ). Personal information includes information that you provide to us as name, phone number, mailing address and e-mail address, user name, ... We may also ask for information about your travel plan, style and preferences, including catering requirements, seat selection, frequent flyer information / hotel / car rental, class of aircraft, luggage and ticket options. You may choose not to provide us with personal information, but usually, some information about you is required so that you can receive appropriate benefits from us as well as our partners. our work and enjoy other benefits of being a registered member. For example, only registered members can post travel reviews, participate in discussion forums, send content on the NTCT via e-mail to themselves or others, access newsletters and internal newsletters. Travel planning exclusively for members and participating in surveys, contests or sweepstakes. In addition, some information is required so you can ask us questions or initiate other transactions on our website. We may also collect other information such as your IP address, your device identification information, and the browsing history of the site within the information that refers to you. INFORMATION ABOUT OTHERS . You will have the opportunity to provide information about your contacts and travel-related information to others through our website. If you book another person through the NTCT , you will need to send that person's personal information. You must obtain the consent of those individuals before providing us with their personal information because all access rights to view or modify their information will only be made through their account. you INFORMATION FROM OTHER SOURCES . We may also periodically obtain information about you from affiliated organizations, business partners and other independent third parties and add such information to other information about you. For example, if you access Nha Trang City Tour by "clicking" from an electronic site operated by one of our business partners and you are registered with that partner, then information about you provided to you by that partner may be shared with us, such as contact information and demographic information. Another example: if you access third party services, such as social media services through our website or before entering our website We may collect information such as your username, password and other information provided to us through those services. We will work with our existing partners and potential future partners to improve and personalize your use of our Site in accordance with the principles presented. in this Privacy Policy. We may also periodically obtain information about you from affiliated organizations, business partners and other independent third parties and add such information to other information about you. For example, if you access Nha Trang City Tour by "clicking" from an electronic site operated by one of our business partners and you are registered with that partner, then information about you provided to you by that partner may be shared with us, such as contact information and demographic information. Another example: if you access third party services, such as social media services through our website or before entering our website We may collect information such as your username, password and other information provided to us through those services. We will work with our existing partners and potential future partners to improve and personalize your use of our Site in accordance with the principles presented. in this Privacy Policy. AUTOMATIC COLLECTION INFORMATION . We automatically collect some information from your computer or Device when you visit Nha Trang City Tour . For example, we will collect visitor session data, including your IP address, web browser software and incoming website information. We may also collect information about your online activity, such as viewed content, visited pages and supported or implemented searches and / or bookings. One of the goals of this automated information collection is to help us understand user preferences and preferences and customize your user experience. BILLING INFORMATION All tours or services need to be paid in advance unless otherwise stated. We accept payment by Visa, MasterCard, American Express and JCB. Please ensure that you have provided us with your credit card billing information. If you do not provide a credit or debit card billing address and / or correct cardholder information, ticket issuance may be delayed and the total cost may increase. We reserve the right to cancel the ticket after issue if payment is declined or if you have provided incorrect credit card information. Besides, we also have the right to randomly check (including voter lists) to minimize credit card fraud. Nha Trang City Tour will not collect your credit card details. The information you provide will be ensured absolute safety in the technical system according to the global technology security standard (SSL) of MasterCard and Bank for Foreign Trade of Vietnam (Vietcombank) when you conduct payment. By credit card. INFORMATION LOCATION AND OTHER INFORMATION FROM THE DEVICE . When you use an App on the Device, we will collect and use information about you in ways that are generally similar and for the same purpose as when you use the website. our . In addition, we may collect your location information if you have instructed the Device to send this information to the Application through the privacy settings on that Device or if you have downloaded it. upload photos with location information. We may use the location information collected from your Device or photo to enhance the App usage experience by providing you with relevant content and contextual advertising. For example, we may use your location to show you reviews of hotels or restaurants near where you are traveling. You can change your device's privacy settings at any time, to turn off location information sharing with the App and / or location information for photos. Please note that disabling location sharing may affect certain features of the App. If you have questions about your device's privacy settings, we suggest you contact your device manufacturer or mobile service provider for assistance. COOKIE AND OTHER SIMILAR TECHNOLOGY . We collect information through cookies and other similar technologies (such as web signals). Cookies are small text files that are automatically stored in your computer or mobile device when you visit most websites. They are stored by your Internet browser. Cookies contain basic information about your Internet use. Your browser will send these cookies back to the website every time you visit, so that the website can recognize your computer or mobile device and personalize it. as well as improve your website experience. You can get more detailed information about cookies and similar technologies (such as web signals) that we use in Cookie policy and our Cookie Approval Tool. You can also learn more about cookies in general, including how to find out what types of cookies are installed on your device and how to manage and delete cookies at websites like and NTCT , linked websites of NTCT and Applications use cookies for the following general purposes: Help us identify your browser as users who once visited, save and remember all preferences / preferences that may have been installed while your browser accessed the information page Our death. For example, if you register on our website, we may use cookies to remember your registration information so that you do not need to log in to our website. We visit every time you visit. We may also record your password in a cookie, if you select the box that says "Stay logged in on this computer unless I log out." Please note that the identification of members, passwords and any other account-related data contained in these cookies is encrypted to ensure security. Help us customize the content, experience, and advertisements provided to you on our website, Applications, and other websites on the Internet. For example, when you visit a website, we, our service provider or partner, automatically install a cookie to identify your browser when you browse the Internet and provide you with information and advertising based on your clear interests. See the section Show your ads / Choices For more information about our online advertising guidelines and your options. Help evaluate and study the effectiveness of features and products, advertising and e-mail communications (by identifying the e-mails you have opened and performing operations). The Toolbar's Help section on most browsers will tell you how to prevent your browser from accepting new cookies, how to set them to notify you when you receive new cookies or how to use them. Disable unnecessary cookies. Please note that if you refuse to accept cookies, you may not be able to access many of the travel tools that our websites offer. Our websites can also use Web Signals (also known as blank tags, pixel tags or Web bugs), which are microscopic graphics with unique identifiers and similar functions. like cookies, placed in the code of a website. We use web signals to track the types of user traffic from one of our websites to another, to send or communicate with cookies, to know if they are You access our website from an online ad displayed on a third-party website and to improve the performance of the website. We may also allow our service providers to use web signals to help us understand which email users have opened and to track visitor traffic and actions. on our website. This helps us evaluate the effectiveness of our content and other products. SHOW YOUR ADVERTISING / CHOICE . Data is collected to bring you relevant ads NTCT is committed to providing you with relevant content and information on all our websites. To do this, we may collect information about your travel-related searches and other activities on the website, such as whether you are looking for a flight or hotel. and use this information to bring online advertisements tailored to your interests on our website or other websites. For example, if you are looking for a flight to Florida on a NTCT , you may see an ad for a travel package to Florida on NTCT or on the other website you visit. We only share your personal contact information (such as your email address) with the third parties linked so they can provide you with advertisements. You can choose not to receive relevant online advertising on other websites, based on your travel-related searches on NTCT by clicking come here . Note that if you choose not to receive demand-driven advertising, you will see ads online, but these ads will be more general and less relevant to you. Information about our policy for contacting you by e-mail is shown below. The data is collected by business partners and ad networks to bring you relevant ads Many of the ads you see on NTCT websites are provided by NTCT or NTCT service providers. However, we also allow third parties to collect information about your online activities through Cookies and other technologies. These third parties include (1) business partners, these business partners collect information when you view or interact with one of their ads on our websites. , and (2) advertising networks, they collect information about your interests when you view or interact with one of the advertisements they place on various websites on the Internet. Information collected by these third parties is used to make predictions about your preferred characteristics, interests or options / options and to display ads that are oriented to your interests on Our websites and the Internet. Please note that we do not have the right to access or control cookies or other technologies that these third parties may use to collect information about your interests and their collection practices. This third party is not covered by this Privacy Policy. Some of these companies are members of The Network Advertising Initiative , the site that gives you the option to not receive advertising from member companies. To learn more, please click come here . Signal feedback No tracking Your web browser may transmit "Do Not Track" signals ("DNT" - No tracking) to NTCT and other websites. Because of the difference in the default settings of web browsers and the way browsers integrate DNT signals, it is sometimes difficult for website operators to determine whether site visitors Electronic information has chosen to install DNT itself or do they know that they have a choice in deciding whether to install it. NTCT does not currently respond to DNT signals. When the Internet industry makes decisions about standards related to this issue and NTCT recognizes those standards, we can reassess this method. At the present time, our policy regarding cookies in particular is shown below in the "Cookies and other web technologies" section. HOW DO WE USE YOUR INFORMATION? GENERAL PURPOSE Nha Trang City Tour uses the information we collect about you for general purpose after: A. Registration and manage your account, including allowing you to access and use the electronic information on our I continue with you in general, including providing information about NTCT and invitations from the NTCT community ; C ho lets us evaluate your sign, post on forums and other community content NTCT; Create new conditions for booking your travel; T relentlessly to questions and comments from you; A. Assessment of attention and improvement of products, services and electronic information page on our Do not inform you of the special offers and products or services we or our partners may be interested in based on your marketing options; H ow tune your experience with NTCT in other ways, including custom display ads for you; Then information from you, including through surveys; G Resolving disputes or troubleshooting; N blocking illegal or prohibited activities that are likely to occur; T contest Terms burning our T he other purposes notified to you at the time of collection. If you are registered as the owner or manager of a rental motel or have listed your motel / rental property, we will send you an email to the address. email you provide us. COMMUNICATION OF ELECTRONIC LETTERS We want to help you easily take advantage of travel-related opportunities on our website. To do this, we will send you e-mails containing information about your travel-related interests based on your marketing options. For example, if your marketing option is to receive email marketing messages, when you search for a flight to New York on our website, we can send you email address on airline fares and travel information to New York or other destinations. We believe that these electronic newsletters will provide you with useful information about travel-related special offers offered through our websites. Please note that you will have the opportunity to opt out of receiving these emails in any email we send. Please review the "Your rights and options for collecting and using your information" section below for more information. C DO I SHARE YOUR INFORMATION WITH WHO? NTCT can share your information with the following organizations: Suppliers , including but not limited to suppliers of hotels, airlines, yachts, car rentals or travel activity providers or managers or motel owners who make love Your travel booking request. On the NTCT page and the linkage pages of the NTCT , all products and services provided by third parties are described in accordance with the facts. Information that we share with suppliers to facilitate bookings will be handled according to the provider privacy policy, except for billing information. We only share payment information when it is needed for supported travel bookings or made on NTCT and we limit the use of provider billing information only to this purpose. We encourage you to review the privacy policies, terms of use and other policies of travel providers with products and services that you can order through the NTCT . Please note that these providers may also contact you when necessary to obtain more information about you or your travel plan to facilitate your travel reservations or for other purposes consistent with the principles described in their privacy policies and terms of use. Suppliers are third parties , are people who provide services or perform functions on our behalf, including business analysis, payment processing, customer service, marketing, public relations, surveying or chapter Sweepstakes and fraud prevention. We may also authorize suppliers who are third parties to collect information on our behalf, including, for example, when necessary to operate the features on our website. or to facilitate the implementation of online advertising tailored to your interests. Suppliers who are third parties have access to and can only collect information when necessary to perform their functions and they are not allowed to share or use information for any other purpose. . Business partners , are people who provide products or services together with us. You can determine when a third party participates in a product or service you request because their name will appear with our product or service or appear separately. If you choose to access these optional services, we may share information about you, including personal information with those partners. Please note that we do not control the privacy guidelines of these third-party business partners. Website link information . If you are transferred to NTCT from another website, we may share your registration information, such as your name, email address, mailing address, phone number and Your travel preferences with the website go there. We do not set limits on the use of personally identifiable information on the website and we encourage you to review the privacy policy of every website that sends you to the NTCT . We may share your personal information within the company. This sharing allows us to provide you with information about travel-related products and services and other content that may be of interest to you based on your preferences / preferences. Your market. As far as our parent company and its affiliates have access to your information, they will adhere to the rules that have a limited level at least similar to the principles described. in this Privacy Policy. They will also comply with applicable laws that govern the transmission of advertising information and, at a minimum, give you the opportunity to opt out of receiving commercial emails that they send in the future. We may also share your information if we believe that disclosure is necessary at our sole discretion ... to comply with / enforce legal summons, court orders and enforce or other proceedings; to establish or enforce our legal rights; to justify legal complaints; or in accordance with other laws. In such cases, we reserve the right to make or waive any objection or right that we may comply with the law; to investigate, prevent or act on illegal or suspected activities that are illegal; to protect and advocate for the rights, property or safety of NTCT , our customers or others; and are related to our Terms of Use and other agreements; or related to the Group's transactions, such as reducing operations, merging, consolidation or sale of assets or in rare cases bankruptcy. If you choose to create a profile on your NTCT , certain information in your profile will be publicly viewable and identifiable when clicking on your display name. You can view your profile like others. In addition, if you choose to participate in our member communication program (for example, a network of travelers and private messaging), other NTCT members may use NTCT as an intermediary to contact you; however, NTCT will not share your email address with any other member or publicly display this information. All members of NTCT have the option to turn off communication between members at any time. In addition to the things described above, you will be notified when personal information about you is shared with a third party and you will have the opportunity to choose not to allow us to share that information. We may also share aggregate or anonymous information with third parties, including advertisers and investors. For example, we can tell advertisers the number of visitors to our website or the most popular hotels and travel destinations. This information does not contain any personal information and is used to develop content and services that we hope you will be interested in. WE KEEP YOUR INFORMATION IN HOW LONG? We may retain certain information regarding your account in our records, including information for purposes of analysis as well as to ensure integrity in recordkeeping. The time we keep your information depends on the purpose of collecting and using our information. We will not retain your personal information for longer than is necessary for our business purposes or legal requirements. We may retain some information for a period of time after you have closed your account on our website if this is necessary to fulfill your legal obligations. our logic and to enforce, defend or establish legal rights. YOUR RIGHTS AND CHOICES FOR COLLECTION AND USE OF YOUR INFORMATION You may choose not to provide us with your personal information although this may be necessary to take advantage of certain features provided on the NTCT . You have the right to ask us what personal information we hold about you by contacting us at the address below (see "Contacting Us") and we will charge a fee. small when providing you with this information. We strive to ensure that your personal information is appropriate for the purpose, accuracy and completeness. You may also review, supplement or update the information you provided to us by visiting your registration page on our website. You can also add or update information and close your account as described above. If you decide to close your account at NTCT , we will deactivate your account and remove your profile information from the online interface. You can close your account at NTCT by contacting us using this form . We will send you an email to confirm your request. Please note that after you close your account, you will not be able to log in or access any of your personal information. However, you can open a new account at any time. When you register as a member of the NTCT , you will have the opportunity to provide us with your marketing preferences / preferences. I choose and see if you want to receive email marketing messages from NTCT . As a registered member of NTCT , you can modify your subscription options at any time through the Email settings on the registration page. Whether or not you are a member of the NTCT , you will have the opportunity to unsubscribe from promotional emails in the emails we send. Please note that we may send you other contact information, including notice of administrative services and letters related to your NTCT account . The Toolbar's Help section on most browsers will tell you how to prevent your browser from accepting new cookies, how to set them to notify you when you receive new cookies or how to use them. Disable cookies completely. Please note that if you refuse to accept cookies from the NTCT , you will not be able to access some parts of our website. HOW WE PROTECT YOUR INFORMATION? We want you to feel secure when using NTCT and we are committed to protecting the information we collect. While no electronic information site is available to ensure security, we have implemented and maintained appropriate physical, administrative, technical and organizational measures to protect personal information. You provide us with any unauthorized access, unauthorized or unauthorized use of information disclosed and at risk of accidental loss, damage, alteration or destruction. For example, only authorized employees are allowed to access personal information and they can only do so to serve the authorized work functions. In addition, we use encryption technology when transmitting your personal information between your system and our system and between our systems and the systems we share. sensitive information.At the same time, we use firewalls and intrusion detection systems to prevent unauthorized individuals from accessing your information. PRIVACY OF CHILDREN NTCT is an electronic information site aimed at general readers and does not provide direct services to children. If an individual we identify as a child under 13 sends us personal information, we will delete or cancel that information as soon as possible. OUTSIDE LINKS Our website may include links to third party websites. If you access other electronic information from the links provided on our website, the operators of such websites may collect your information and use use that information in accordance with their privacy policy that may be different from our Privacy Policy. We recommend that you check the privacy statements posted on other websites to understand the procedure for collecting, using and disclosing their personal information. INTERNATIONAL INFORMATION TRANSFER Some companies, agents and contractors that we cooperate with to perform services on our behalf may need to transmit your personal information internationally to provide services. of them, including territories outside Vietnam and Europe. Some territories may not have strict data protection laws like in Vietnam and Europe, but we have taken measures to protect your personal information in accordance with this Privacy Policy. every time If you access our website from outside Vietnam , please note that your information may be transmitted, stored and processed in Vietnam where their servers are located. I and our central database operator. Data protection laws and other laws of Vietnam and other countries may not be as comprehensive as in your country but please be assured that NTCT will take steps to comply with the law in Vietnam. to ensure that your privacy is protected. By using our services, you understand that your information may be transmitted to our facilities and to third parties with whom we share such information as described in the Policy. This privacy book. CHANGES TO THIS PRIVACY POLICY NTCT may change or revise this Privacy Policy in the future. We will note the date of the most recent amendment to this Privacy Policy at the bottom of this page and any revisions will take effect immediately upon posting. We will notify our members of important changes to this Privacy Policy by sending a notice to the email address you provide us or by posting. Notice on our website. We encourage you to check this Privacy Policy regularly to see the latest version.